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Last Saturday, July 27 at CCP, I was able to  witnessed the first ever rap musical theatre play — Kleptomaniacs. Well, glady they performed it originally written rap and fliptop from beginning to end. Since it’s a rap musical, all songs are in the form of rap and they exchange dialogues  like a filptop battle.


Having said that, the story of the play represents our painful society, the life of the indigent people and our corrupt government.  Some of the scenes also made me remember the tragic Super Typhoon Yolanda that devastated Tacloban and the earthquake that hit Cebu and other Visayas regions. Also, the slow respond of our government and its projects for the victims that we don’t know if they have a hidden agenda behind it. Meanwhile, the main characters are Tabo, Vicky, and Butchoy. Tabo is a pedicab driver who wishes to to change his life despite of poverty. He wants  to fulfill his duty to his girlfriend Vicky who happen bearing their baby. Tabo’s decision in the second act of the play results a domino effect, especially the outcome of what he did results  the death of his younger brother Butchoy.


However, the play was inspired by Gloc9’s songs . The setting of the stage is very appropriate to the story since they are an informal settlers.


Actually, it was my first  time to watched a play because of the complimentary tix that I got since  I’m one of the volunteer for Cinemalaya.