Nag-aalangan akong lapitan ka,
nung mga sandaling -nahuli kitang nakatitig sa kawalan.
Kulang nalang bumagsak ang luha
sa iyong mga mata.
Hindi ko na namalayan.
Bahagyang bumibigat aking dibdib.
Hindi ko kinaya, kaya’t bahagyang ibinaling sa iba ang aking pansin.
Sampung minuto na ang lumipas.
Gusto man ipagpaliban, ngunit walang magawa sa sigaw ng dibdib.
Nagnakaw ulit ng tingin-ganun pa din. Isa ka pa ring napakaganda ngunit malungkot na larawan.
Ilang beses bago napagtanto ang sinabi mo.
“Nasa mga kamay mo kung paano ako mailalarawan”
Iniiabot mo sakin ang mga pang-guhit at paleta.
Gaya ng sabi mo, hawak ko ang mundo mo.
Pero pinili ko pa ring lumisan.


Haunted Memories

Here I am lying on my bed
in this empty room.
Wondering what went wrong
to this place full of memories.
I shut my eyes
trying to unravel the mystery
of our togetherness
into separateness..
Things keep falling apart.
Memories still haunting me.
Even if I wide open my eyes,
It’s still you that I always see.



You’re still standing there
while the warm approach of this present season is
starting to fade.

You’re strong handling
these constant changes that continue battering you.

Color changes
in hues of red, yellow, and brown.
So do people around you.
Leaves starting to fall off trees
with the trace of nostalgic memories.
And realizing that no matter how strong we hold–
just like the branch of the trees
our fingers lose our grip.
As we  begin to hope
We might learn
To appreciate the beauty of letting go.

Discover Iloilo


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Since new year is now approaching, maybe I should post my last out-of-town trip for 2014- Iloilo. Actually it was my first time to travel outside luzon because of lacks budget. Luckily my friend invited me to go with them for his brother’s wedding. I don’t had second thoughts, and easily grabbed the opportunity to travel for free since it was our sembreak.


To tell you the truth, it was my first time to ride on a plane. At first, I was terribly scared because God knows that I’m afraid of heights. But thanked God I was able to surpassed my fear. When were in up the sky, I could see the panoramic view of Manila. The dazzling lights of the entire city. Indeed it was magnificent. After 30 minutes, we arrived at 5:30am in the Iloilo International Airport. I think it’s the cleanest and modern airport I’ve ever seen.

IMG-20141016-00106 IMG-20141016-00108


Before we went here, I searched little information about Iloilo. Aside from being “The City of Love”, it was once called ” Queen City of the South”. Because during the Galleon Trade, Port of Iloilo was opened to the world market, and it has been steadily conducting inter-island trade. The Port of Iloilo gave Negors, and Panay local industries, and agriculture , most specially sugar- a gateway to foreign markets and made Iloilo the biggest center of commerce and trade in the Visayas, and Mindanao, next to Manila. Having said that, Iloilo is rich in culture, heritage houses, festivities, old cities, and authentic cuisines and delicacies. That’s why when our plane finally landed, I was so eager to explore, and enjoy the spectacles.


Panay Farmer’s Center

First we went to my friend’s grandfather’s house in Molo, we took a van ride costs of 50php, and a jeep costs of 8.50php. When we got to his grandpa’s place, you would feel the tranquility, and simplicity they are living. We ate our breakfast there and took some sleep. After four hours of resting, we immediately hit the Panay farmer’s center. I could say that it’s good to visit their market ,wherein you can find your needs in one place. Also you would learn how the local people interact with each other. Plus hearing their dialect sounds good and sweet to my ears.


Museo Iloilo

To have deep understanding about the certain place you would visit, it is a must to educate yourself about its history, custom and tradition, that’s why we went here to this small museum beside Iloilo provincial capitol. It contains lots of artifacts and paintings of Ilongos. Actually, it’s quite disappointing because there was no curator when we went there, although we paid 50 pesos.


Calle Real

It is declared as one of the heritage sites of Iloilo because of old buildings that were constructed during the commonwealth era along J.M Basa, Iznart , Aldeguer , and Guanco. Meanwhile, the has served as a shipping and entertainment center since 1930. Another name for Calle Real is ” Escolta” similar to Manila’s own historic street of commerce. Also, some scholars say that our national hero Jose Rizal used to visit that place.

IMG-20141016-00213 IMG-20141016-00214


Molo Church

Molo church is the only Gothic church in the Philippines outside Manila. It was built in 1831 under Fray Pablo Montano and was completed in 1888 by Fray Agapito. Originally, its name is St. Anne Parish Church . The church is made of white corral rock . It has two belfries and have around 30 bells of different sizes. When you go inside the church, you would notice that the altars are made of wood, and the murals is painted by Mariano Mabuhay. Also, there are 16 images of women saints found inside.


IMG-20141017-00215 IMG-20141017-00219 IMG-20141017-00225 IMG-20141017-00230 IMG-20141017-00233


Miag-ao Church

Sto. Tomas de Villanueva or commonly known as Miag-ao church is one of the baroque churches in the Philippines, and considered as one of the UNESCO heritage sites. The construction of the church began in 1787 during the leadership of the parish priest of this town Fray Francisco M. Gonzales. The church was completed in 1797, and it served as fortress against muslim raiders. During the revolution in 1898, the church was destroyed. Later, it was rebuilt and it was damaged by fire in 1910. Also, it was hit by the earthquake in 1948. Good thing it was restored in 1960, and completed its restoration in 1962.

IMG-20141017-00241 IMG-20141017-00245 IMG-20141017-00249 IMG-20141017-00255 IMG-20141017-00261 IMG-20141017-00273 IMG-20141017-00276


Nearby the church, you would notice the Miag-ao pasalubong center, wherein you can buy stuffs and goodies of Iloilo.

IMG-20141017-00286 IMG-20141017-00279 IMG-20141017-00280 IMG-20141017-00283 IMG-20141017-00285



We went in Oton during our last day in the province. We decided to swim here instead of Guimaras because of short time staying. It was somehow good, never mind the black sand,and dirty looking sea because the resort offers swimming pool, horse back riding, and cottages in its affordable prices.

IMG-20141019-00392 IMG-20141019-00401 IMG-20141019-00458 IMG-20141019-00427

Biscocho Haus

Iloilo trip won’t be complete without buying any pasalubong in Biscocho Haus. It was built in 1975. Biscocho Haus was founded by Dr. Carlos L. Guadarrama, and his wife Theresa J. Guadarrama. their specialty and very first product was biscocho. Because of high demand of their delicious treats, they have come up with new products which were first made in their family kitchen.

IMG-20141019-00483 IMG-20141019-00481 IMG-20141019-00480 IMG-20141019-00479

Sadly I visited only few places. There are so many places in Iloilo that I would love to visit specially in Concepcion, Jaro, and La paz where you could see heritage houses, amazing views, and plazas. And if you are a food lover, I’m sure you would also enjoy this province because of its delectable delicacies that they might learn and inherit from our conquistadors. Maybe next time, if I get a better budget, I will return here to discover more the marvel of Iloilo.

Late Post! Volunteering for Cinemalaya X



Volunteering for “Cinemalaya X” was literally fun and great, because I was able to meet new friends and seen eight independent films. At first, I thought it would be hard because God knows how difficult for me to interact with other people. But, honestly I was wrong because volunteering at CCP made me realized that I need to learn more in order to grow most especially to my chosen field-Art.

cine X




Actually it was indeed mind-blowing because I experienced to deploy in five theatres of CCP, namely- Tanghalang Huseng Batute (Studio Theatre), Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theater), Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theatre) ,Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (Main Theatre) and MKP Hall. We were tallying RF cards and persuade them to drop their tickets to the audience box of their chosen film for audience choice award.




Having said that, another perks of being volunteer aside from free film viewing, and food is to have a chance to take pictures with celebrities roaming around for Gala night.




Kleptomaniacs: A Rap battle for love, fate , poverty and politics.


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Last Saturday, July 27 at CCP, I was able to  witnessed the first ever rap musical theatre play — Kleptomaniacs. Well, glady they performed it originally written rap and fliptop from beginning to end. Since it’s a rap musical, all songs are in the form of rap and they exchange dialogues  like a filptop battle.


Having said that, the story of the play represents our painful society, the life of the indigent people and our corrupt government.  Some of the scenes also made me remember the tragic Super Typhoon Yolanda that devastated Tacloban and the earthquake that hit Cebu and other Visayas regions. Also, the slow respond of our government and its projects for the victims that we don’t know if they have a hidden agenda behind it. Meanwhile, the main characters are Tabo, Vicky, and Butchoy. Tabo is a pedicab driver who wishes to to change his life despite of poverty. He wants  to fulfill his duty to his girlfriend Vicky who happen bearing their baby. Tabo’s decision in the second act of the play results a domino effect, especially the outcome of what he did results  the death of his younger brother Butchoy.


However, the play was inspired by Gloc9’s songs . The setting of the stage is very appropriate to the story since they are an informal settlers.


Actually, it was my first  time to watched a play because of the complimentary tix that I got since  I’m one of the volunteer for Cinemalaya.





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Laro tayong taguan, ako taya hahanapin kita!


Pagbilang ko ng sampu nakatago ka na!


Tumungo ako sa kainan na una nating pinagtagpuan. Umupo  sandali at nagbakasakali. Nagutom ako kaya lumapit ako sa kahera upang bumili ng pagkain. Nalalasap ko pa rin ang lasa ng burger at coke na pinagsaluhan natin noon. Tanda ko pa nga na pinunasan ko ang naiwang ketchup sa mga labi mo.


Halos mamaga na ang pwet ko kakaupo sa kaka tyempo sayo. Kaya’t naisipan kong lumabas at hanapin ka sa mga lugar na madalas nating puntahan. Doon sa tawiran na tatawiran ko, naisip ko ang kamay mo na hinahawakan ko. Lumingon ako kaliwa’t kanan baka sakaling makita ka at tumawid ka din.


Dinala ako ng mga paa ko sa parke kung saan sabay natin panikikingan ang mga lumang tugtugin na nagpapaalala sa pagmamahalan natin. Tulad din ng mga naglalakihang gusali, ganun din kataas ang pangarap na binuo para sa relasyon natin.


Biglang dumilim at umiyak ang langit. Tumakbo ako papunta sa kalapit na mall para magpatila ng ulan. Oo nga pala diyan tayo madalas nagdadate, kumakain ng paborito nating ice cream, kumakanta sa time zone at nanunuod ng sine. Naglibot-libot ako at pinilit kang tanawin mula sa pinakamataas na palapag ngunit wala ka pa rin.


Di ko na namalayan gabi na pala. Pasara na ang mall. Nangalay na ang paa sa kakatayo’t nalipasan na rin ng gutom. Tumila na ang ulan. Natuyo na rin ang kalsada ngunit di pa rin ako tumitigil sa paghahanap sayo.


Gabi na rin, baka pagod at magpapahinga ka na. Madali akong nagpunta sa apartment mo. Baka lang hinihintay mo na ang mainit kong yakap at matamis kong halik. Baka lang.


Nakangiti akong kumakatok sa pinto, mabuti nalang at may magbubukas na rin. Sabik na kong makita ang ngiti mong bakat ang malalim mong dimples. Ngunit napatigil nalang ako nang bumukas ang pinto, akala ko ikaw na, room mate mo pala. Luhaan nanaman ako.


Nasabi niya na baka umuwi ka na daw sa lalawigan niyo. Di na ko nagpatumpik tumpik pa. Tumakbo ako palabas at sumakay ng bus. Habang binabaybay ang kahabaan ng daan, mahigpit kong hinawakan ang cellphone ko. Bitbit ang matinding paniniwala, alam kong magtatagpo na tayo.


Nabulabog ko na ata ang bahay niyo. Nakakatuwa’t pati ang alaga niyong aso kasundo ko. Nakausap ko si mommy este si tita pala, sabi niya matutupad na daw ang pangarap mo. Napaisip ako sa talinghaga na yun.


Hindi na ko nag-alangan pa. Alam ko na ang ibig sabihin ng talinghangang sinambit ni tita. Nagmadali na ako pauwi ng bahay. Hindi na rin ako tinamaan ng antok. Alam kong eto ang pinakahihintay mo at paghahandaan ko na rin to. Naligo akong maigi. Nagbihis ng maganda at inayos ng todo ang astig kong buhok. Pangiti ngiti sa salamin, “Ang gwapo ko”.

Pusturang pustura akong umalis ng bahay, bitbit ang pumpon ng mga bulaklak nananabik na kong makita ka, babaeng pinakamamahal ko. Ang babaeng bumuo sa aking pagkatao. Ang babaeng gumiba at nagpatibok sa bato kong puso. Alam kong naghihintay ka lang sa lugar ng ating pinagsumpaan. Sa lugar kung saan tayo mangangako ng habang buhay na pagmamahalan.

Padating na ako. Paakyat ng napaka habang hagdan, gumagalabog ang puso ko. Kinakabahan ako.

Takbo ng takbo at akyat ng akyat sa kada baitang ng hagdan na tila hindi matapos tapos.

Napaluha nalang ako.

Dumagdag pa sa kaba ko ang tingin ng mga tao. Nakakapag taka ang mga kaanak at kaibigan mo. Tinititigan ako. Bigla akong pinag pawisan ng malapot habang naglalakad sa gitna. Nabitawan ko ang bitbit na bulaklak. Di ko na alam, para akong mauupos na kandila nang makita kitang sinusuutan ng singsing sa daliri mo. Lalo na nang naglapat ang inyong mga labi.

Sasabog na ang puso ko, ano mang oras at minuto.

Kumalembang ang kampana at nagpalakpakan ang mga tao. Huminto at dumilim ang paligid. Naninigas ang katawan ko. Gusto na kong lamunin ng lupang kinatatayuan ko. Dun ko napagtanto, natalo na pala ako.


Caroline Kennedy: My Travels

Speech Delivered Aboard The QE2

June 1987

By Caroline Kennedy

Leaving the Philippines, in 1984, for what seemed like the final time saddened me. I had spent almost two decades there, on and off, and had assimilated myself so much into its history, its culture and its people that many locals referred to me as their country’s favourite “honorary Filipina”.  The advantages were that I could now, from a distance, take a step back and view those two decades objectively. I had always told myself “one day I would write truthfully about the Marcos era” and now here I was in an unique position to do just that.

I had arrived in Manila almost by accident in 1968 and remained there on and off for the next sixteen years. My first decade there turned out to be, perhaps, the most bizarre in my entire life. During that short…

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Foreign Language Practice – Higher necessity means higher understanding and retention

Self Taught Japanese

The effectiveness of foreign language practice depends on part on how pressing of a need there is to communicate and understand correctly.

When speaking with a native or fluent speaker of that language, there are all sorts of emotions that get engaged and one usually tries his or her hardest to comprehend and speak in a way that can be easily understood. Making mistakes can be embarrassing, or even lead to more serious repercussions depending on the context of the conversation.

For those who don’t have much contact with native speakers, you do may do like I do and try to consume all different sorts of content – novels, comic books, newspapers, videos, blogs, you name it. All of these can be excellent learning resources, but there typically is no strong motivation to understand each and every word, and any misunderstandings may go undiscovered, especially if the subject is fiction and…

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